Satori Prime Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit

An Inner Body Makeover To Elevate The Traits That Matter Most, 100% Free

Mindfulness • Emotional Intelligence • Intuition • Leadership • Energetics

What is Satori Prime Foundation?

We support personal growth focused individuals, leaders, coaches, executives, and educators to expand their own intuitive connection, inner wisdom, and leadership skills to undeniably amplified levels that impacts all major aspects of life, including family, health, and business. We do this by providing free education, meditations, and trainings to our community mostly held through live virtual streams. Satori Prime Foundation is the non-profit sector of Satori Prime.

What We Offer

  • Weekly LIVE training on topics like: mindset, leadership, trauma healing, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, energetics, relationships, intuitive wisdom, and awareness practices.

  • An online social media-based community where you can get support and ask questions to help you effectively deal with the challenges and opportunities of life.

  • Guided meditations that are focused on body scan, subtle body awareness, self-healing, and grounding.

  • Speak to real-life coaches who are ready to give you immediate support and productive feedback on how to improve, resolve, or heal aspects of your life or business.

How To Access Our Trainings & Community

1. Fill out a 3-minute survey below.

2. Join our Facebook group. 

3. Get access to our meditations instantly once you've been admitted.

4. Join our next live virtual training or watch the previous week's replay.

"Joining you guys is the best decision I have ever made.  So grateful to be on this journey and want to thank you with my whole heart for your healing work.  It is so needed. I hope one day, with the wisdom I acquire here from your guidance I can spread that same light into this world. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


About The Foundation

Satori Prime Foundation

Satori Prime Foundation is a non-profit organization which trains people and business owners how to leverage mindset and meditation techniques to dramatically increase the quality of their lives, the revenue of their businesses, and their impact on society.


Our mindset development and emotional mastery programs focus on well-being, safety, communication, love, and achievement. We base our work on proven psychological, neuroscience, mindfulness, and active meditation techniques which elevate the human experience across the many important spectrums of life.





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