Our Mission & Purpose

We help you transform your life from within.

We set out to create groundbreaking programs and curriculum in order to alter the fundamental state from which we experience life, ourselves, and our innate ability to manifest any of the heart’s desires.  

We strive to make your growth experience

engaging, fun, and extraordinarily life altering.

The programs below are designed to reset the foundation from which you live your life so you can experience more freedom, well-being, connection, abundance and safety than you ever imagined possible

Meet our Life-Altering Experiential and Programs

The Satori Prime Academy

The Academy is about giving access to life-changing personal development technology, making it affordable, and easily accessible to anyone who has a vision of learning how to bring forth their highest self.


Historically this type of holistic wisdom driven education has been kept from the masses and has added difficulty in people’s ability to think, feel, and act in alignment and in accordance with the goals that they have envisioned are possible for themselves.


If you're interested in upgrading your awareness, your relationship to abundance, becoming healthier and more productive, then this suite of online programs may be for you.

The Satori Prime 100 Day Masterclass

The biggest deep-dive into your personal growth begins here. Over the course of 100 days, you will uncover some of your deepest ingrained psychological and emotional blocks and behaviors have run your life. 


Make a quantum leap in your growth, guaranteed. It's not the things that you know you want to work on that will blow you away, it's the things that you didn't even know you came for that will. Entry by application and personal call only.


You can start your self evaluation and schedule your call using the link below, if you don't join our program we simply refund your deposit.


Because coaching is personal.

Our mind-altering curriculum has been tested and proven to consistently work on thousands of people and while most websites claim that their results are not typical -- it turns out transforming lives at Satori Prime is actually pretty typical.  We invite you to expect amazing things for yourself and your future.

I'm 2.0 -- it was like a line snapped.  This claw that had me just let go and I'm in a crazy good place!  I can smile legitimately all flippin' day. I'm so grateful I found you guys!

Dave Gluskin


I feel like I want to tell everyone! I love what you guys teach, it is so empowering.  I thought this was about business, but it's about my life -- it's worth any amount of money. Everyone deserves this!

Diana Riccardi


I made up a story that I wasn't worthy of receiving love.  My mom shared something with me that she was planning on taking to the grave -- she healed more than I did!

Matt Furdurich



If you want to know what someone is committed to you need only look at where they invest their time and money. 


We pride ourselves on being students of personal growth with 36+ years combined and having invested over $1 Million in our own growth experience education.  In that time we have learned that having a mentor and someone who can authentically reflect is paramount to the growing, awakening, and healing experience.


Humans are dynamic, intricate, and multi-dimensional creatures.  Healing is like crafting a fine spirit or a beautiful piece of artwork.  Coaching is an art form and requires an extraordinary level of presence and knowledge to guide someone away from destructive habits and move them fluidly towards healthy characteristics which naturally yield to a life of safety, well-being, connection, and abundance.


Our one-on-one coaching clients are like our family members.  Their results are simply jaw-dropping and who they become during their time with us leaves us inspired and awe struck at the incredible power a human wields.


If you're ready for this level of transformation, please reach out to us directly to have a conversation.

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